SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia

SCR888 was created in 2015. It is a popular online casino in South East Asia, including countries like Malaysia and Singapore. After five years since creation, this platform is still thriving as it is designed to meet avid and casual players’ needs. The website for this casino is also beautiful and user-friendly. 

What is SCR888 Malaysia?

Before now, players around the globe played games in physical locations, but the innovative efforts of SCR888 and other reliable online casinos have changed this as many now play games on their phones.

Asides from dominating the Asian market, SCR888 has expanded to international markets over the years. The primary reason this online casino continues to thrive is the tons of loyal players of SCR888 and the fact that it keeps surprising the world and surpassing major online casinos. Also, SCR888, also known as 918kiss, has broken new grounds and reached limits that no one expected.

How to Install SCR888 on PC and Phone 

Getting the best out of this SCR888 requires you to download it from authorized outlets that are registered by SCR888 Malaysia and on the official websites. With other unauthorized channels, you will have to deal with malware issues or popup adverts when you’re enjoying the game, which might spoil the game or make it uninteresting. But the original site is built to secure users’ data and players’ deposits. 

Using the SCR888 is quite easy as it only requires you to load it on your PC and start playing immediately. The app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, and there is an easy instruction on how to use it without problems on this app.

To ensure that you have a hassle-free gaming experience, kindly follow the steps below. These steps are compiled help make your job easier and help you get started in no time

To download for IOS: 

  • After opening your browser, visit 
  • Select the option “SCR888 download iOS” for iOS devices. 
  • A page will pop up where you will see several options, including the option for iPhone 5 IOS and below, or iPhone iOS and above. Click on your preferred option and download 
  • Be patient and wait until the download is complete. A menu will come up to seek your permission on installing all the files or not. Click on the “install” option.
  • The download will soon be complete, and a notification will pop up to that effect. You will also see the SCR888 icon file and a notice will come up where you will see “Untrusted Enterprise Developer.” When this notification pops up, it’s to warn you that the website does not conform to the settings on the device and, as such, not recommended for downloading apk files. 
  • Select the “cancel” button and go to Settings on your iOS device. Go to “General,” click on “Device Management” and
  • Search for settings about All Continental Trading Sdn. 
  • Choose to Trust or Accept All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd” 
  • Confirm *Trust.” 
  • You’re changing the file name because of the in-built firewall that comes with iOS devices, which prevents you from downloading files and applications from websites that are not trusted according to the setting, which includes the SCR888 official site. But when you change its name, you can install the SCR888 Malaysia software on your phone since it will be seen as the new file. 
  • As soon as the application has been installed on your phone, you can easily open it, register, and start your gaming experience without paying anything.

To download for Android:

  • Select the “Settings” option and choose the “Privacy section” or “unknown sources” in modern android designs. 
  • Select “allow.” Clicking allows will enable you to install from sources that aren’t on the Google play store.
  • Then, go to the search box on your web browser and type in “SCR888” and press enter. It will take you to the authorized page of the website. Select Android version 4.0 of the SCR888 pop up that appears as a link, and the file will start downloading. Or you can go to your text box and enter “918kiss Download”. You will be automatically taken to websites trusted with the distribution of SCR888’s apk files. 
  • Be patient for the file to download. The download time is solely dependent on how strong your internet connection is, which is why it is always advisable to get the best network that will ensure an error-free download.
  • Select install when the file downloads successfully. The file will be automatically installed on your phone without issues since your phone has been set to allow download from untrustworthy sources. 
  • After successful installation, open the app and continue your registration.

To download on PC:

Everything appears possible with the advanced level of technology today, and that’s why you can now install the SCR888 Malaysia mobile app on your Mac. But then, you have to update some apps on it before you run the SCR888 mobile app. These updated apps will help make your work easier and supports easy installation on your PC. 

You can download the SCR888 with different software types, including AmiDuos, Bluestacks, and Remix Android, which are the strongest and well-known apps used in launching the SCR888 on your PC. These software works by allowing you to install most Android apps on your PC without hassle. Rather than setting up any of these applications, you can import the SCR888 APK to your device.

With SCR888 on your PC, you can enjoy a wider screen and a beautiful online gaming experience. 

Although different users have different experiences using this software on different devices, you can discover the best one for you by trying them one after the other.

How to Get SCR888 Free Credit No Deposit Promotions

SCR888 is a reliable online casino that provides you with special cash prizes and free credit no deposit every day. Having an SCR888 Malaysia account means you’re liable to get referral discounts, participation discounts, cash discounts, event bonuses, and loyalty rewards. 

After enrolling for it, you’re automatically entitled to SCR888 unlimited credit. Check the official website of SCR888 and click on the rewards tab to get your reward. Other rewards you’ll see include birthday prizes and bonuses, daily reload reward on, and frequent discounts. You’re sure going to get many bonuses and credits from the SCR888 game list. 

SCR888 Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I download SCR888 Malaysia? 

Downloading SCR888 has been made easy as an application has been designed to make this possible. All you need do is visit the SCR888 authorized websites by using your browser and download from them. Then, go to the settings on your phone and allow third-party downloads

Is there any SCR888 Hack?

Asking this question on Google will bring out lots of results from various sites, and the question that pops up in your head is if these hacks help you make some money. The truth is that hacks do not mean you will make more money, and it doesn’t yield the kind of results you want.

Is SCR888 playable on PC?

Yes, SCR888 can be accessed through a computer since it can be accessed through the website, although it requires you to use a third-party app such as BlueStack.