Asia’s online casino industry has quite a lot of online casino brands. 918Kiss is among some of the popular online casino brands in Asia. It is called 918Kiss Malaysia because it operates majorly from Malaysia though its operations extend to Thailand and Singapore. 918Kiss Malaysia is a rebrand of SCR888. SCR888 was rebranded to 918Kiss to give room for more modification to the online casino app. The new brand has many new offers that make the app a go-to for the players and gamblers. 918Kiss Malaysia provides highly satisfactory online casino gambling to users. 

Here we have discussed some information about 918Kiss Malaysia and why it is enjoyed by many.


SCR888 was rebranded to 918Kiss, which seems to be a more captivating name for an online casino. 918Kiss is entirely a mobile-friendly platform, with mobile applications available for Android and iOs devices. Player and gamblers can have access to the online casino through their mobile devices. Apart from being a captivating brand and giving mobile phone access, 918Kiss Malaysia also has a high number of reasonable online casino offers for its players and gamblers. These offers are a lot better than what other brands in the online casino industry has for their customers; examples are a wide variety of options, free credits before deposits, etc.


There are a considerable high number of game options that gamblers can choose from on 918Kiss Malaysia. 

918Kiss has the best and most diverse types of games for its players. It is the variety of game options available on 918Kiss that makes it the preference of gamblers. 

Some online casino games available on 918Kiss include racing, slot, fishing, live table, and lots more. All these gaming options are available when you download and signup on the mobile app. 

Top game developers develop 918Kiss’ games. Real-Time Gaming (RTG) and Spade Gaming are the developers of most 918Kiss’ games. Since Real-time Gaming and Spade Gaming are trusted game developers, the best gambling experience on 918Kiss is guaranteed.

Some of the prominent games that exist on 918Kiss and developed by either Real Time Gaming or Spade Gaming are WOW Prosperity, Ming Dynasty, Zeus Magic, Shang Hai 008, Hulu Cok, Caribbean Poker, and Magic Hammer.

Some other games include Dolphin Reef, Poker Three, Dragon Tiger, Racing car, Lucky Cups, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Roulette 12, Roulette 24, Roulette 73, Roulette Euro, among others. 

918Kiss is designed to be players-friendly. For your convenience, you can have access to the online casino and choose from the varieties of games with your mobile device or PC.


918Kiss offers a reliable customer-friendly and round the clock online casino service for gamblers. The tremendous customer service growth and responsiveness is a direct effect of the desire to satisfy the teeming number of users on the platform.

With the 24/7 online service, customers can provide feedback and receive responses to their queries from the many customer service experts on the platform. 

918Kiss has WhatsApp and Telegram links that afford customers to access customer service through their mobile devices promptly. 


918Kiss is essentially designed for mobile devices, but PC users can also access the app through Android emulator software. Though 918Kiss can be accessed from a PC, it should be noted that it runs smoother on mobile devices than on a PC because it was initially developed for mobile phones like Android and iPhone.

Follow the procedures below to find out how to download and install 918Kiss on your mobile devices and PC.

918Kiss for Android

You cannot access or download the 918Kiss Android app on Google Play Store. Since Android is open-source software, the 918Kiss APK app can be gotten on the 918Kiss official page. The app also supports quite a wide range of Android versions.

 After downloading the app, you need to open your device to approve apps from untrusted sources. It is after this that the app can be successfully installed on your mobile device.

Beware of apps that pose as the 918Kiss app on Google Play Store because they are more like a replica, not the actual official app. This is a trick that the developers of these fake apps are using to generate patronage and access your personal information.

918Kiss for iOS

There are two versions of mobile apps available for iOS. These two versions are for old and new versions of the iPhone. One of the apps is for iPhone 5 and below, while the other is for iPhone 5s and above. These two versions were developed to accommodate both the old and new iOS versions.

Before you download the 918Kiss iOS app, make sure you select the specific app for your iPhone version. You should also trust the app from your iPhone settings to safely launch the app.

The iOS mobile app is not available on the iPhone app store.

918Kiss for PC

As earlier stated, 918Kiss was not developed for PCs, so there is no app for PC on the official page, but you can also run the APK your PC through Android emulator software. Download and install the Android emulator software on your PC to have access to 918Kiss online casino. One of the emulators to be downloaded is BluesStacks. Download the APK’s entire folder, and then search your PC for the location after you have successfully downloaded the software. When you find the folder of the APK, install the app from there as you would on an Android.


All new users on 918Kiss Malaysia are entitled to free credits. These free credits can be used on any category of games on the app. They can also be used to learn how to navigate your playing on the platform before an actual cash deposit.

918Kiss offers free credits to newly registered users even before they make any deposits. This feature makes 918Kiss different from other online casino websites where you have to make deposits before getting free credits. 


You have the opportunity to test run the app before signing up with your details. The following test ID can be used for this purpose. Username:test1000~test10000. Password:1234.


Here are some FAQs to help you with 918Kiss Malaysia.

1. How do I download the 918Kiss app?

You can download the app by visiting the official website of 918Kiss Malaysia. There are instructions to be followed before downloading the app, like your device’s type and version. Carefully select an APK file based on your service. Download and install the app on your device, then sign up or test run to get started.

2. What Android emulator software can I use on the PC?

You can access 918Kiss on your PC by downloading the Android emulator software apps like NoxPlayers and BlueStacks. You can play online casinos like mobile phone users with Android emulator software.

3. Are there any hacks for 918Kiss Malaysia?

The only hack we can give is learning, understanding, and following the rules on 918Kiss strictly. Your free credits can be effective for the process of learning to play on 918Kiss. Use your free credits to understand the app before proceeding to play with real cash or making any deposit.